We are Eternally Grateful to Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project for

giving us a Shout-Out in one of his recent videos.

And most recently here on his Magnetic Reversal News channel.

Thank you Diamond & Leah!

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Happy Bird Seeds are available for sale here as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir. Seeds contain <0.3% THC. We have a decent selection of souvenir collectible seeds from which to choose as a genetic preservation souvenir or, in states where growing is legal, for your own growing pleasure. If concerned, please contact us for further information about seed purchases. PLEASE NOTE: Only 33 states have legalized the Miracle Plant for medical purposes while only 10 states have legalized the Miracle Plant for adult use. The Miracle Plant continues to be ILLEGAL under federal law. Fully illegal states include AL, ID, KA, MO, NE, NC, SC, SD, TN, WI, & WY.  It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any Miracle Plant product.  IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21, PLEASE LEAVE THIS SITE.  Thank you!