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Triploids: A Revolutionary Leap in Cannabis Breeding & Cultivation

Harnessing triploid genetics could revolutionize the cannabis sector by offering increased THC levels, greater yields, accelerated growth, and seedless blooms.The utilization of triploids isn’t novel in farming. Enjoying seedless fruits typically enhances the culinary experience for many.

Take bananas, for example. Bananas are seedless due to their parent tree being triploid, despite conventional pollination. Generally, organisms with a chromosome count divisible by two can generate seeds, while those with irregular chromosome counts are either infertile or incapable of seed production.

What Is A Triploid Cannabis Plant?

Cannabis, a diploid plant with two chromosomes, may exhibit rare occurrences where certain organisms possess multiple chromosomes. In such instances, cannabis plants can naturally evolve into triploids, harboring three chromosomes. During cellular division, genetic material undergoes replication, with the subsequent cell inheriting the duplicated chromosomes while the original cell maintains its original set. Introducing a natural chemical to a cannabis plant disrupts mitosis, resulting in the formation of additional chromosomes without the occurrence of cell division. As a consequence, the initial diploid cell transitions into triploid, tetraploid (four chromosomes), pentaploid (five chromosomes), and so on.

In recent years, there has been growing interest among growers in intentionally breeding triploid cannabis seeds, a trend that has captured the attention of experts. The process typically involves starting with a standard diploid plant, selecting a top-performing clone, and then introducing a natural chemical to disrupt the cell division process.

The potential to produce high-quality cannabis more quickly and with greater yields could revolutionize the practices of both professional and amateur growers. While triploid cannabis seeds cultivation remains relatively niche in the cannabis sector, it has the potential to follow the path of normalization seen in the fruit and vegetable industries, becoming widely adopted in both commercial and home cultivation settings.

Advantages Of Triploid Cannabis Seeds

Triploid cannabis seeds presents several advantages for revolutionizing cannabis cultivation. This breeding technique enhances both growth and consumption attributes by introducing additional chromosomes, thereby diversifying traits.

The utilization of triploid cannabis breeding leads to augmented yield and potency, offering potential advantages such as reduced flowering periods and increased biomass. It also aids cultivators in prioritizing the prevention of pollination in female cannabis flowers, crucial for maintaining essential oil yield, especially as seeds are undesirable in the trimmed flower market, where triploid cannabis seeds itself is seedless.


Some specialists suggest that the market potential of triploid cannabis seems promising, as it opens up new possibilities in cannabis cultivation. The triploid cannabis enables cultivation in new regions due to its abbreviated flowering time, attracting both outdoor growers, who can harvest before winter, and indoor growers, who can accommodate more growth cycles. The condensed flowering period, shortened by approximately ten days to two weeks, resonates well with the market, with one variety already selling out due to high demand.

From the consumer perspective, triploid cannabis strains offer heightened THC levels and enhance other aspects of the cannabis profile. It is estimated that triploid cannabis seeds can produce plants with a higher THC potency, which makes them very attractive to consumers, along with greater sustainability. We can also add that it is a more eco-friendly weed because more cannabis can be grown with fewer resources. This means that less water, fertilizers and insecticides are needed.

Therefore, the addition of an extra chromosome significantly broadens the cannabis genome, leading to the emergence of new flavors and characteristics. Triploids display elevated levels of minor cannabinoids and terpenes, paving the way for innovative possibilities in cannabis breeding.Although the phenomenon of triploid cannabis seeds within the cannabis industry is not something new, certain qualities of the plants that are born from this type of seeds have been discovered by professional breeders. For example: triploid plants have trichomes with stems taller and denser clusters, although the exact mechanism that triploid plants use to achieve this remains a mystery.

Differences Between Diploid And Triploid Cannabis:

There are relevant differences between diploid and triploid plants. These differences can be noticed visually by the phenotypes that each one delivers as well as by the chromosome compositions and everything related to the genetics of each type of seed. Triploid cannabis seeds can surely generate a revolution in the cannabis market for reasons that we have already mentioned in this blog.

 For this reason, it is necessary to know a little more in depth about how plants are genetically composed. There are relevant differences between diploid and triploid plants. These differences can be noticed visually by the phenotypes that each one delivers as well as by the chromosome compositions and everything related to the genetics of each type of seed.


Chromosome Count:

Diploid cannabis possesses two sets of chromosomes (2n), while triploid cannabis carries three sets of chromosomes (3n). This disparity in chromosome number fundamentally influences various aspects of the plant’s biology and behavior.

Origins and Fertilization:

Diploid cannabis arises through conventional fertilization between a male and female flower, whereas triploid cannabis is artificially generated by crossbreeding a diploid plant with a tetraploid plant. Understanding the origin and fertilization process sheds light on the genetic makeup and breeding strategies employed in cannabis cultivation.

Fertility and Seed Development:

Diploid cannabis exhibits robust fertility, yielding seeds capable of germinating into viable plants. In contrast, triploid cannabis tends to be less fertile, encountering challenges in producing viable seeds, which impacts its reproductive potential and propagation methods.

Seed Production Capacity:

Diploid cannabis can naturally generate seeds under optimal pollination conditions, enabling sustainable reproduction. Conversely, triploid cannabis faces difficulties in seed production due to inefficient chromosome division during meiosis, hindering its ability to produce viable seeds.

Relative Sterility:

Diploid cannabis typically maintains higher fertility levels compared to triploid varieties, as the latter often grapple with increased sterility owing to meiotic and gamete formation complications. Understanding the relative sterility of different cannabis types informs breeding efforts and cultivation practices aimed at maximizing yield and genetic diversity.

Genetic Variable:

Diploids have a variable, with a wide range of characteristics and performance. By the other side,  triploids expected to offer more stable yields and possibly better quality in terms of cannabinoid and terpene content.


Genetic stability

The diploids cannabis seeds, they contribute to the natural genetic variability of cannabis populations. But the triploids cannabis seeds, they could be more genetically stable due to their unique chromosome configuration.

Triploid Cannabis Seeds Conclusions

A characteristic of diploid cannabis seeds is that they produce plants that do not have the capacity to produce new seeds, but have the ability to amalgamate favorable traits from different mother plants. Now, mass production of triploid genetics raises concerns about its lasting impact on cannabis biodiversity and sustainability.

The above is reaffirmed if we think that the genetic selection of exclusively triploid weed varieties could engender invasive species or strains that harbor undesirable traits, which requires exhaustive evaluation to mitigate adverse ecological ramifications. So, we preliminarily conclude that diploid cannabis will always be necessary, since a mother plant is a requirement for the production of triploid plants.

Therefore, triploid genetics will not supplant diploids, given their unsuitability for reproduction. It is also added that the effectiveness of growing triploid cannabis ultimately depends on the experience of the breeder and the selection of stable genetics.

Adhering to sound breeding practices, using appropriate mother plants, and prioritizing desired traits is imperative to ensure the effectiveness of triploid breeding and mitigate any potential detrimental outcomes. Although market penetration and understanding of triploid cannabis is still in its infancy, more and more growers are becoming familiar with growing techniques and certain companies have begun selling triploid cannabis seeds.

However, scientific research on triploid cannabis remains scarce and deserves encouragement, particularly to assess its long-term sustainability and its impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Let's explore three diploid genetics available in our online store where you can make automatic purchases. Keep an eye out because one of these genetics is brand new to our catalog and comes with some unique features. Pay close attention to the details of each variety and even identify the one that will help you create your own seeds at home.

Lemon Tree X Amnesia

The Lemon Tree x Amnesia genetics create an impressive fusion that combines the best of both legendary strains. From Lemon Tree, it inherits its exquisite lemon fragrance, which surprises with its intensity and freshness. Additionally, it retains its structure of voluminous buds reminiscent of real lemon trees. On the other hand, from Amnesia, it obtains its potent THC content, making it an ideal strain for both experienced consumers and those seeking an energetic and mental boost.

This hybrid strain presents a unique sensory experience. Upon opening a jar of Lemon Tree x Amnesia, you’ll be greeted with an intoxicating blend of citrus and earthy notes, followed by a burst of lemon and pine when crushing the buds. Its flavor is equally complex, merging sweetness and acidity into a refreshing and vibrant combination.

Consumers of Lemon Tree x Amnesia can expect an energetic and invigorating experience that eliminates any feelings of fatigue and replaces lethargy with motivation and mental clarity. This strain is perfect for daytime use as it provides a cerebral high that awakens the senses and encourages creativity. Furthermore, its ability to induce gentle physical relaxation makes it a versatile option for relieving tensions and bodily discomfort without compromising functionality.

Growing Lemon Tree x Amnesia may require some patience and care, but the results are worth it. With a flowering time of approximately 10-12 weeks indoors and a similar timeframe outdoors, this strain yields healthy crops and a rich concentration of terpenes that will inundate your senses with its citrus and pine aroma. In summary, Lemon Tree x Amnesia  is an exceptional combination that offers a unique and stimulating cannabis experience, perfect for those seeking the best of both worlds in a single strain. Buy it now in our online store because it is one of the latest genetic releases that we have available for you at

RS11 X Skywalker

The  RS11 x Skywalker genetics represent an exceptional hybrid strain, blending the finest traits of both varieties to deliver a unique experience for growers and consumers alike. This strain is the result of crossing RS11, renowned for its potent effects and high yield, with Skywalker, famous for its intense aroma and flavor.

In terms of taste and aroma,  RS11 x Skywalker  offers a complex and enjoyable experience. Its scent is earthy and spicy, with sweet and citrus undertones that complement the sensory journey. When smoked, it delivers a smooth and pleasant flavor with hints of pine and soil, followed by a subtle touch of lemon lingering on the palate.

The effects of this genetic strain are deeply relaxing and euphoric. Users report an initial sense of happiness and calm, followed by a profound bodily relaxation that alleviates stress and tension. This strain is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day or for relieving insomnia, as it promotes restful and tranquil sleep. RS11 x Skywalker is a relatively easy variety to cultivate, making it suitable for both novice and experienced growers. It prefers a temperate to warm climate and thrives best outdoors, where it can reach its full potential. Providing ample space for it to expand and develop its dense buds is recommended.

This genetic strain is particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation during the growing season in the United States due to its resilience and high yield. Its sturdy structure and ability to withstand variable weather conditions make it ideal for growers seeking a bountiful and high-quality harvest.

Tropi BCN X Pineapple Sherbet Regular

Tropi BCN x Pineaple Sherbet Regular  is an exceptional and potent cannabis hybrid, a fusion of Tropi BCN and Pineaple Sherbet strains. Renowned for its elevated THC levels ranging from 18% to 24% and minimal CBD content, this strain predominantly leans towards sativa, promising an invigorating and mood-lifting encounter. 

While regular cannabis seeds have their advantages and drawbacks, the natural integrity of regular seeds like these ensures robust plant growth. However, growers must remain vigilant as regular seeds may yield both male and female plants, necessitating additional efforts to discern and eradicate any male plants to prevent pollination.


Infused with the genetic lineage of Tropi BCN x Pineaple Sherbet Regular, this strain embodies distinct traits such as its potent THC levels and invigorating properties. Boasting a predominantly Sativa profile, it caters to enthusiasts seeking an energizing and euphoric journey.


The strain THC dominance, coupled with its minimal CBD content, accentuates its psychoactive potential. Exhibiting lush green buds adorned with orange pistils and a glistening layer of trichomes, its flavor profile marries Citrus, Cookie, and Tangie notes, emitting a Sweet and Fruity fragrance. Tropi BCN x Pineaple Sherbet Regular is celebrated for its uplifting, euphoric, and joyful effects, fostering creativity and motivation, thus serving as an ideal companion for daytime indulgence or social gatherings.

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