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Optimizing Cuttings For Cannabis Cloning

7 min read

Jan 18, 2024

Growing Tips

You've spent months pheno hunting seeds, looking for the magic keeper to add to your genetic library. How do you ensure your cuttings are successful and optimized to maintain vigorous health? This article will discuss optimal tips and tricks for taking the best clones, from where you take your cuttings on the plant to where you cut the clone before plugging it, and different methods of cloning, from a cloning machine to various mediums such as rockwool, peat, and potting mix. The plant hormones involved accelerate root growth and how we can keep pathogens out of damaged tissue.

Where Should You Take Your Cuttings From?

Many people have an opinion about where to take your cuttings from, the bottom or the top of the plant, and I am here to share my opinion with you based on the science. But every situation is unique, and you can obtain successful clones from any part of the plant. Because the "apical meristem" – the scientific word for the top of the main stem – contains the highest level of auxins, this typically results in the fast-developing clone.


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