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Jack Herer: The Story Behind The Seeds

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Renowned forever in cannabis popular culture world-wide for his game-changing book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," Jack Herer explained how Hemp could serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels and their derivatives. He highlighted Hemp's suitability as a substitute for paper and textiles, as well as its potential use in home energy and various other areas, including medicinal benefits. The book is credited with changing many attitudes about the cannabis plant, as it pointed out the myriad benefits beyond merely just a psychoactive puff. Herer asserted that greed and corporate profit motivated the outlawing of cannabis. He also criticized the United States government for suppressing information about the plant and its benefits, favoring big-money industries over the well-being of citizens and environmental preservation.

The idea for the book came to Herer in prison in 1983 while serving a short sentence for trespassing while attending a protest. The book was first published in 1985 and remains in print, currently in its 14th edition. Some editions of the book have achieved collector's item status, fetching a high price – especially those printed on Hemp Paper, bound in Hemp, or signed by Jack himself.

Jack Herer's Passing

In July 2000, Jack Herer suffered the first of two heart attacks and a significant stroke, resulting in health issues, including difficulty speaking and moving the right side of his body. He mostly recovered, attributing his success to treatment with the psychoactive mushroom Amanita muscaria. Nine years later, on September 12th, 2009, while backstage at the Hempstalk Festival in Portland, Oregon, Herer experienced his second heart attack. The Buffalo, NY born cannabis activist passed away on April 15th, 2010, just five days short of 4/20, due to complications from the 2009 heart attack, at the age of 70. Jack Herer is buried at the Eden Memorial Park Cemetery in Mission Hills, California.

Jack Herer Strain Origins And Breeding

If you're a smoker of some experience, chances are you've experienced the Jack Herer cannabis strain at some point and probably more than once. With a recognizable flavor and unforgettable potency, the Herer strain has found its way into joints and bongs around the world and worked its way into the hearts and minds of most cannabis consumers. Attaching Jack's name is no gimmick; this is a high-quality hybrid of high-quality genetics and would no doubt be popular with any other name. You can't keep this kind of quality hidden for long.

Sensi Seeds stands as the pioneering midwife to Jack Herer's birth. In the mid-1990s, the visionary breeders at Sensi crafted a strain that transcended its genetic roots of Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk, creating a sativa-dominant strain immediately hailed as a masterpiece that would rewrite the rules of cannabis cultivation. The first appearance of Jack Herer in the cannabis industry was a seismic event, setting the stage for a new era of popular strains that blurred the lines between medicinal and recreational use. Today, every seed bank offers a unique spin on this now-iconic puff, with Jack Herer seeds available in photoperiod, regular, autoflowering, and early/fast varieties. You're in good hands at Seedsman when it comes to this one; our Jack Herer is one of our most beloved varieties, pitting an Original Haze against a Red Skunk to make the Seedsman Jack Herer.

Jack Herer's Flavors And Aromas

Jack Herer isn't merely a strain; it's a sensory experience. Earthy pine, herbal tones, and a subtle hint of citrus meld skilfully with a unique and unusual hint of a spicy, peppery flavor to create a unique taste that identifies the strain upon inhalation. Once you've tried Jack Herer, you could probably pick it out of a blind taste with relative ease, so unique is the flavor.

Growing Habits: Jack's Green Thumb

Jack Herer is a demanding yet benevolent mentor for those looking to cultivate the legend. Whether nurtured indoors or embraced by the elements outdoors, the strain rewards growers with high yields of highly dense, resin-covered buds that glitter with trichomes. Flowering time averages 8-10 weeks for this classic strain, and growers usually report vigorous growth at this stage, resulting in a fairly tall plant with long side branches. It's a favorite with makers of extracts and concentrates due to its high resin content.

Effects: A Dance With The Emperor

The effects of Jack Herer are as legendary as the great man himself - the Sativa dominance and high THC content (typically between 18-23%) make for a fast-acting energizing experience that has made the strain a favorite of recreational and therapeutic users alike. The initial cerebral ascent, fueled by an invigorating euphoric surge, is a testament to Jack's dream of a strain that transcends the ordinary. Yet, beneath the surface, a gentle physical relaxation unfolds, with a delicate balance that transforms the experience into a holistic journey. There's a difference between being stoned and getting high, and the Jack Herer strain is more likely to lead you toward the latter. Therapeutic users find relief in the Herer strain partly because of the presence of terpinolene, which has good antioxidant, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. The generous concentration of myrcene contributes to the strain's anti-inflammatory powers, which may help users seeking pain relief.

Accolades And Recognition

In the annals of cannabis competitions, Jack Herer has etched its name in gold. Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards, including the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994, this strain is not merely a contender but a reigning monarch in the cannabis kingdom. Its accolades speak to its exceptional qualities, solidifying its status as a cultivar that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As we draw the curtains on this exploration of Jack Herer, let us not forget that this strain is more than a mere plant – it's a living tribute to a man who envisioned a world where cannabis held the key to a myriad of possibilities. So, the next time you inhale the essence of Jack Herer, remember that you are not just partaking in a strain; you are immersing yourself in Jack Herer’s legacy, one of an icon whose spirit lingers in the soul of this extraordinary botanical creation.

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